The S album | THE S album

The S album


This is a free Janus album, we only ask that if you download and enjoy, and you can spare a dime, please donate a little something to Willow Wood Hospice in Glossop.


1. Sharpened Edge

2. Slow to Anger

3. Shatterbrain

4. Sit down and Listen

5. Sallys Charity Store

6. City of the damned (It sounds like it starts with an s....)

7. Sinful

8. Stays

9. Sour Wine

10. Sometimes When

11. Solo

12. Speed Thrills

Just right-click the track, and "save as" to a folder on your computer. All songs are 192K MP3, if you want better quality contact us, and we'll link you to them.

Please note that the tracks are NOT copyright free, but licensed for fair use under "Creative Commons".

More music will be added at a later date.



Thank You

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